Wedding Planning Tips – the need to knows

Q. We chose a winter wedding as it was a bit cheaper than getting married in the summer but now I’m concerned that we’ll not be able to get beautiful pictures because the weather might be bad. Is this the case?

A. This isn’t the case at all, sometimes a little rain or an overcast day can add to your wedding photographs. I like to use lighting techniques that really make the images of the bride and groom pop, this can also work well if the couple are lit from behind and the dress has lots of tule. If your getting married in winter, consider holding your ceremony earlier in the day to ensure your make the best of any natural sunlight available. In December the sun tends to set and you loose the light any time between 2 & 3.30pm depending on the weather. When choosing your photographer, ask to view past client winter wedding galleries that they have photographed so you can gain a sense of what to expect.

Q. We’ve been very clear with our photographer about our ‘must have’ shots for the day but know that other weddings we’ve been to have been really chaotic and they haven’t managed to get them all. Is there anyway of making absolutely sure we get all the groups shots that we want?

A. At the initial consultation, I make a point of running through the timings of the day. If there isn’t going to be enough time for photographs, its usually easy to amend. Four weeks prior to the wedding, I go through a list of formal groups along with any must have spots for couples portraits. For formal groups, I ensure I have a list printed out and I tick them off as I go. I usually organise my shot list in order, so to build, instead of them being disorganised. I request the the couple to designate a member of the bridal party to run to get guests for photos, as they know most people. Schedules are so important to me, the day is very hectic and photographers can run out of time if they aren’t careful. I like to know my timings and confirm them with the co-ordinator as I arrive at the venue and stick to them.

Q. Advice on choosing a wedding photographer

A. When choosing your photographer, first look at their style and make sure you like it, secondly make sure you like them as a person! They will be at your wedding all day so I cant stress how important this is.

Q. General advice to couples getting hitched?

A. Plan ahead and deligate! Also book vendors early and keep a spreadsheet for all costings. Dont fanticise too much about the insignificant details that you see on Pintterest (I’ve been there and done that), yes have a theme but spend your hard earned money on the big things first and then decide what you can afford for added extras later down the line.

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