Hello, I’m Collette, owner of Picture Perfect Photography.

I have been a photographer since I was 12 years old when I bought my first film camera and started driving all my family crazy by obsessively taking photos of anything and everything, and I’ve been practicing ever since. Not much has changed today, apart from I now earn a full time living from what was once my once hobby.


My experience has accumulated over the past 15 or so years while working in professional portrait, wedding and corporate photography studios. I have also run my own business successfully for over five years. You name it, I have photographed it – from weddings to portraits; events to buildings; and even plant pots to fancy dress.


I’m now excited to share my experience from my time behind the camera to help you on your own journey to becoming an accomplished photographer. With my hands-on photography workshops in Yorkshire you will be going from auto to manual in just hours, watching your confidence grow and creativity come alive. As part of our photography workshop, you will also receive after-event support from both myself and other students via a dedicated Facebook group. Here, you can share your progress and ask for feedback on your photos.

I look forward to helping you start your photography journey on one of my Photography Workshops.

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