Business Photography Marketing: Are you using it?

Business Photography Marketing 1: Products

When is a good time to use Business Photography Marketing? Perhaps when your selling any product, especially online, using professional product photography for your business marketing will prove invaluable.

Customers who buy online want simplicity. As a business you ultimately want them to buy and it’s a fact that nowadays consumers want to clearly see what they are buying online more than ever. A great article that speaks more about “How to sell Your Product Effectively” is featured on The Guardian website.

The best way to sell your product is by photographing it on a bright and clean white background, this is generally done so in a photography studio, but can also be done using wallpaper if you are opting for the DIY photography route for your business.

One of the differences between taking a photo on your camera phone and using a professional camera or photographer is also lighting. A well lit product photo can make the world of difference, be it for table top product photography for smaller items that you sell or perhaps you sell larger items or products that require a model, like clothing. You can compare how using a professional photographer for clothing in an outdoor setting can be just as effective as using a commercial photo studio here in our Euphoria Boutique portfolio.

Business Photography Marketing 2: PR Photography

Theres a multitude of different areas that you could use professional photography for your business, these could be billboards, in newspaper or magazine articles, trade magazines and trade shows. I would even class your website and social media as marketing of some form. 

How many times have you visited a website and seen the same group of people walking together in business suits with their clipboards clutched in perfectly manicured hands? Exactly! Stock photos have become ubiquitous and rarely add anything of value to a website. A talented photographer will uncover the ‘wonderful’ in your everyday products, and display them in a way that creates interest and admiration. (Source:

Showing your real and your people will ensure that people build a relationship and trust with your brand. Do that and at the same time by hiring a great local photographer and you will earn brownie points with your audience. Not only will your audience trust you more, but they will also view your brand as more professional.

You could also make use of video for marketing your business here too. Client testimonials are a great example. I love the saying: “If they said it, its true, if you said it, its not”. If you dont know any great local professional videographers for your business, we can recommend some such as VisualisedIt among others.

Using corporate photography for marketing doesn’t have to be about people, it could also showcase your services and product. A good example is food photography, this a both service and product in my opinion. As example of this can be found in our Grille portfolio.

Business Photography Marketing: Corporate Photography for Events

Perhaps you a holding an event? No matter how big or small, its really worth the investment in a professional event photographer.

A good event photographer will capture your event as it unfolds and also should give you some more creative event photography, different angles, speakers, alternative posing of the people involved and also a good general overview of the event, capturing the atmosphere.

Once your event has finished, you will then have a set of your professional images to help promote your business and send off to magazines and newspapers.

Business Photography Marketing 3: Social Media Photography

Let your clients and prospective customers meet the team or the owner of the business and brand, let them see your product and also your real.

On social media its important to show a variety of polished professional business photos taken by a commercial photographer but also some taken by you and your staff, even if its on your phone camera. This shows that there are real humans behind your brand and gives your brand authenticity.

Here are some examples showing how my client, Euphoria Boutique use our professional studio photos with graphics for their social media.

When to use a professional photographer for marketing your business

80% of the time, I would recommend using professional photos in your social media, and 100% of the time on your website.

It doesn’t matter if your a serviced based business who requires a food photographer to capture their food, staff and restaurant or a solicitor who would like something more corporate.

Presenting your company in a professional manner will always pay off.

A photographer who is experienced, will be able to create some creative images for your company that not only explain what you, do without words but also add interest to your marketing and give a tone for your business. A good example of this would be adding new staff photography or photos of your team at work to your website.  Team and staff photos can be shot in either in the office or perhaps you require some industrial style photography in your factory, site or warehouse. What matter is, show what is appropriate and reflects your industry. We covered products earlier in this article, but this is also a great example of when the right time to use a professional photographer for your ecommerce website.

When to use “real photos” in your business marketing

If you feel you have something interesting to share, like a behind the scenes photo of something thats happening at your office, this is the perfect time to whip out your phone.

Of course you still need these photos to be of a good standard, ideally in focus, neatly framed and as well lit as possible. If you need to add light, there are some great LED panel lights that can be bought inexpensively on sites like Amazon.

I hope that your have found some value in this blog on using photography in your marketing and it has given you some ideas, for further information on how we can create images that sell, so you don’t have to, contact us.

Collette Evans,

Photographer & Owner

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